Age Lessons

I’ve written before of not aging gracefully. I seem to be running into these age-related life lessons more frequently lately. Especially with a significant birthday quickly approaching. Apparently it is a common occurrence for many people my age. The age when many of us launch into those “mid-life” crises. I guess that means I’m pretty normal according to published statistics and demographics. So how come do I not feel any better about it?

Our society seems to place such importance on being youthful, beautiful, and vibrant. Perky breasts, smooth skin, well defined abs and ass, heads of hair, running in the surf, driving hot muscle cars, and active sexual prowess. That’s what everybody wants, yearns for, strives for. But once one hits a certain age those boobs and gluts sag, laugh lines become permanent facial features, going for a run means sprinting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and the only bed you look forward to is the warm one with a dog to curl up with. Guess what – you’re considered over the hill. Put out to pasture. Close to death. Aged. SENIOR. And look out cuz here comes the final push over the edge – those AARP mailers. Yep, you have now officially crossed over to the the down hill side of your life. Best be picking out your cemetery plot now as well as lining up life insurance, long term care insurance, and funeral insurance. Because it’s almost time!

And maybe that is what it comes down to – the loss of time. We hit this point and suddenly realize that instead of all this limitless time left to live, we only have a finite amount left. That the invincibility and infinity of our youth is gone and we now see the end of the road quickly approaching. Surprise! Did you really think you would sneak out of this one? Yes, just like everyone else you are mortal. And being mortal means you had a beginning, but you will also have an ending. An ending that is closer now than your beginning. No wonder many of us lose it at this point!

So, in an effort to learn how to age gracefully and walk into my later years without fear or dread, I am going to take lessons from those who have (or maybe haven’t) aged gracefully. I’ll take a person whose life or words have had an impact on me and share with you in upcoming posts what insights they gave me. Some had it figured out. Some didn’t. But they each had something to offer those of us following behind them.

So you are welcome to come along on this journey with me. Or perhaps you’ve already got it figured out. If so, what’s your secret?